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Boom Barrier the Barrier are used at entrances and exits to control and review traffic in and out of the premises. the operation of Automatic Boom Barrier can also be linked to access control systems with safety systems. Buy Now!! +91-9310159634 For more info Pioneer Systems - Automatic Boom Barrier, Boom Barrier, Automatic Barrier, Barrier
AUTOMATIC BOOM BARRIER The Barrier are used at entrances / exits to control and review traffic in and out of the premises. The operation of Automatic Boom Barriers can also be linked to access control systems with safety systems. • Housing : Stainless Steel • Boom : Powder Coated White with refractor strips. • Boom Barrier Length : 3000mm 4000mm 6000mm • Protection: All housing society and internal parts have rust & corrosion free SS of high strength. • Easy to use external manual unlock device. • Slowing down setup with two adjustable limit switches. • Soft start and slowing down functions adjustable in opening and closing. 4m white painted aluminium arm is provided with two red rubber profiles. • LED Flashing lights on the TOP of the barrier ensures visibility especially at night. • Auto close with timer (1s to 20s) • Single / 2 Channel loop detector with programmable features (optional accessory) • Electronic module which allows the synchronized movement of two Barriers. • Painted fixed support for bars. • Stainless steel version available. • Compatible with UHF Long Range Readers for free flow of traffic. • Photocell (transmitter and receiver) for the safety of vehicle under the boom For more info:
Automatic Barrier offers efficient security at the exit and the entry points of factories, office complexes, corporate houses, residential , buildings, parking lots, toll tax plazas or any road - way entry where medium to heavy traffic is expected. there are various technologies for an Automatic Boom Barrier. one of them is Electro-Mechanical Boom Barrier. Buy Now!! +91-9310159634 For more info: Pioneer Systems - Automatic Boom Barrier in India.
Automatic Boom Barrier, also known as a boom gate, is a bar, or pole pivoted to allow the boom to block vehicular access through a controlled point. Automatic Boom Barrier can be operated through: Push Button Remote Control RFID Tags / RFID UHF Reader Loop Detectors Any third party access control device Buy Now!! +91-9310159634 For more info: Pioneer Systems - Automatic Boom Barrier in Delhi.
Automatic Boom Barriers With UHF Reader UHF Long Range Readers. UHF frequencies has received considerable interests for various commercial applications, such as supply Parking Management System, Automatic Boom Barrier or inventory control. in this regard, a great demand of UHF RFID system is expected to replace the current position of Parking management systems. Reader antenna is one of the important components in RFID systems, which is used to transmit or receive signal from a tags. Buy Now!! +91-9310159634 For more info: Pioneer Systems - Automatic Boom Barriers With UHF Reader in Delhi
Swing Gate Motors Swing Gate Motors the wide range includes linear arms, articulated arm automation and underground systems. moreover, QUIKO linear arms are available in both the electro-mechanic and hydraulic versions. Buy Now!! +91-9310159634 Swing Gate Motors, Automatic Gate Motors, Swing Gate
UHF long range readers supplier The products can be compatible with multi-protocol, small volume, quickly read, linear polarization antenna is no limited of direction for tag, proof-water, can be used widely in UHF Systems. The mainly applying site is: 1. Logistics and warehouse Management : Goods flow, warehouse management, and the flowing management of mail, parcel, luggage. 2. Intelligent parking Management for integration with Boom Barriers on Tolls, Commercial parking, Residential Societies.. 3. Product counterfeit proof inspection: Using memory’s write-protect functions inside tags, and identifying with true-false of products Video on TELCOMA Automatic Boom Barrier
ARTICULAR ARM FOR SWING GATES Electromechanical 24 V actuators for swing gates up to meters, Ideal for wide columns and where the articulated arms delivers a smooth and fluid movement., adjustable mechanical stops Motor for Swing Gates Swing Gates Motor are fabricated to provide security, convenience and protection against unauthorized intrusion. Aesthetically fabricated these gates are made with square pipes encased in a pipe frame customized to suit the client’s requirements and are finished with spray painting.